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a perfect smile

The Science Behind a Smile

The idea of smiling has been on earth since the beginning of mankind. Everyone smiles whenever they found something satisfying, nice, or worth the appreciation regardless of who they are. The science of smile is arguably one of the most interesting things to study. You could prove this by how people cannot help but smile even on little things. It is easier to answer the question what makes you smile, but could you tell why?

What the Research Says

According to researchers, by exercising your orbicularis oculi and zygomaticus muscles, you could feel better. You could do this by putting a pencil between your teeth or simply smiling.

The truth is that, whenever you smile, your brains also feel happy. It generates endorphins and signals from neurons, which would tell your muscles in the face to smile. Smile is happiness, particularly now that it acts as a step to the general feeling.

Whenever you contract your smiling muscles, you would send a signal back to the brain, followed by reward system stimulation. Furthermore, your endorphins or happy hormones would increase in level.

In other words, when the brain feels happiness, you would smile. Whenever you smile, a happier feeling would be obtained by your nervous system.

Do you want to be happy? Simply smile.

It Is More Contagious Than You Think

Do you think only diseases are contagious? Then you may be studying less about smiling. Do you know that a study by Swedish researchers proved that it is more difficult to retain your long face whenever someone in front of you smiles? By simply seeing someone does the happy face, your mirror neurons are stimulated to encourage your facial muscles to create the same expression.

Make Yourself Healthier

It is true that smiling has tons of benefits to offer. Primarily, when you produce more happy hormones, you would reduce the amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is also termed as the stress hormone, which would cause you to feel stressed, anxious, or unpleasant. Take note that negative feeling would only put you at risk to various conditions, such as poor heart rate and high blood pressure.

According to experts, your immune system would also be strengthened by smiling. By making your system generate more white blood cells, you would have more combat team against illnesses.  A study entitled “Does happiness help healing?” revealed that children in hospitals had higher white blood cells when they were visited by Smiling Hospital Foundation’s artists. Particularly, the purpose of these artists is to make the patients smile using puppeteers and stories.

Smile More If You Can

It is not a good thing to always frown. Simply imagine joining a joint job interview and keeping your grumpy face. Apparently, you would lose the chance of gaining employment. By smiling, you would also convey confidence to your employer.

How You Could Smile Often

There are various ways to smile than just to feel happy in your own way. Primarily, you should make it a habit to smile. By doing so, you would spontaneously do the activity without necessary forcing a fake smile. Remember, your brain does not know if you are making a fake or genuine smile.

Besides practicing frequent smiling, you should also consider watching funny films, shows, or miscellaneous broadcasts. Preventing negative programs, such as those featuring dramatic scenes, would give you more opportunity to become lighthearted.

Spend time with people who make you happy. Choose people who would not put you into stress but keep you optimistic about life. Be with your friends that bring out your happy side. In reality, you tend to mimic the behavior of people who are usually with you.

Now that you are encouraged to smile often, why worry? Is it about your teeth? If it is, you do not have to agonize a lot, especially now that there are dental enhancements that would help you overcome the fear. By undergoing a smile makeover, you would no longer have reasons to keep that long face.


How to Teach Kids about Science?

Nowadays, science is very important subject to learn a lot to be a successful man or woman in the world. At the same time, there is a lot to learn in science and as well as it’s a gradual process too. Therefore, childhood is the perfect time to start learning section of science. But, some parents are not strong on the both science and math subjects. So, they didn’t teach about this to the kids, but this is not a good idea. If you’re one of them having a lack of knowledge in science and don’t know how to teach kids about science, then this section helps you to know the procedure to how-to-teach-kidsteaching science for kids.

How to teach kids about science?

Teaching science to your child is not that much complex process as like you think, but it should be fun for both you and your kids. In addition to that, children will learn best about science well in a practical manner with some hands-on activities. On the other hand, you can also make use your everyday job and other simple projects to help your child to learn about science for kids and to develop their skills too. However, you need to give more and more opportunities to get experience with science. Teaching science should be in a relaxed way along with fun and games activities.

Some sample examples to teach science:

How to turn your everyday activities and simple projects as a useful thing for your kids to learn science? This is your question right!! Here are some of the examples that aid you to develop both you and your kid’s skill.

Example #1:

As a mother, you can make use cooking and kitchen items to give more and more wonderful opportunities to your kids. At such a case, you can take solid and liquids and even water to show an example. By using these things, you some-sample-examples-to-teach-sciencecan demonstrate about both boiling and freezing.

Example #2:

After that, you can go with a light to teach how bulbs will work. In this case, you can explain the electricity gets to your house and bulb too. But, this example includes a very dangerous job, so you should be careful in this way.

Example #3:

If you don’t like to start with the above listed 2 ways, then no worries; you may use garden and plants to explain about science. This is the best place for your kids to learn about nature and how the plants are growing. In addition to that, why plants need water and light to live and grow.

Likewise, there are so many things in your home itself to teach about science to your kids. But, you don’t expect your young children need to understand the concept. During the starting stage, they will know something like taste, hear, smell and like more basic things. By this way, you can able to teach kids about science even without having proper knowledge.


Get Your Children Enthusiastic Science Internet Activities

There are so many subjects to teach for kids, but science is a very important subject than a lot of other things. This is because science is fully based on the truths and facts, unlike other subjects. In this case, learner needs a lot of experiments to predict various concepts and as well as learn too. Therefore, you need to choose the science concepts to teach your children. How to get experimental science for my kids? This is your question right!! You can get your children enthusiastic science internet activities. Stay here and continue your reading of this section to find some


example activities.

Get your children enthusiastic science internet activities:

Teaching science is not that much complex process as like you think with the easy and simple experimental concepts. When it comes to the science education, most of the parents frequently asked the same question as for how kids can able to understand the science concepts. You know, compared with adults, kids have the capacity to absorb the science easily and with higher tendency too. Thus, the right time to teach about science is childhood days.

However, you don’t expect to your child should learn science education easily and very quickly. In addition to that, one and all children are unique and you don’t do a comparison. But, don’t worry; here are some of the enthusiastic activities for your kids to understand easily.

Activity #1:

As I said before, science is easy to learn with the experimental kits. When you look those experimental kits, the internet is the right place to get a lot. From the internet, you will get microscopic lens kit, farms, volcano creating kits, and like more. On the other hand, children will spend some more times with these activity kits too. If you want to buy and introduce some other simple kits, then telescopes are the best tool to explore moon and stars.

money-on-teaching-science-to-your-kidsActivity #2:

Most of the children would like to go outside the home, your children too right!! At such a case, there is an ideal way for you to bring them to the part or garden and show them different types of animals and plants and flowers. None of the children don’t like to see and enjoy nature, so take them to out of the home is one of the best ways.

Activity #3:

If you not ready to spend money on teaching science to your kids, then no problem, you can make your kitchen items to accomplish it. You know, even preparing foods itself science is involved, so share how foods are cooked to your kids to start learning or teaching a section. In order to explain clearly about science, you may search on online and collect clear explanations. In addition to that, you can able to look for some small experiment using vegetables through the internet.

These are some of the activities that you can make use to teach about science to kids easily and fun manner too.